For Overseas Fans

Rules of re-uploads and secondary use.

Thank you for supporting the Japanese culture and ELECTROCUTICA’s works. We greatly appreciate all the re-uploads of our movies that have been taking place in Youtube and other video hosting services with all your good intention.

However, we would like to make it clear that ELECTROCUTICA’s works are all rights reserved. Uploading ELECTROCUTICA’s original works without permission is not allowed. It is because such personal behaviors may cause troubles to all the members who involved in this project. Hence, your support and co-operation of keeping the following promises are greatly appreciated by us.

1. Uploading ELECTROCUTICA’s original tracks included in CDs or distributed on iTunes(etc.) is absolutely not allowed. If the illegal uploads continuously happen, our music production activities will be terminated because all of our production funding is based on the revenues of all your support by purchasing our music.

2. Please do not copy ELECTROCUTICA’s original movies that have been already uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga and Youtube under ELECTROCUTICA’s official account, and re-uploads on any other video hosting websites.

3. Uploading any mixtures of ELECTROCUTICA’s works together with other independent artificial works without each copyright holders’ permission is not allowed. Please note that all of our music production will be for business use so that it is important for us to claim that other people’s artificial works (illustrations, live videos, movies, animations etc.) are not related to ours. Your understanding and abidance by the rules are sincerely appreciated.

4. Both re-uploading ELECTROCUTICA’s music with subtitles of translated lyrics in foreign languages and introducing our music in foreign languages are welcomed. But please note that such actions are under the following restrictions:

When you are uploading any work of ELECTROCUTICA’s works, you must show each title and the creators’ name who have involved to that particular work. You must also indicate one of following links:

5. Covering , arranging and making music videos of ELECTROCUTICA’s music are welcomed but for personal use only. And please note that such actions are under the same restrictions as being mentioned above. Any kind of commercial use without our permission is strictly forbidden.

After you uploaded any of your secondary work, inform us on either one of ELECTROCUTICA’s official YouTube or facebook account, if you please. This can be simply done by submitting a comment to the bulletin board of either account including the specific link of your uploaded movie.

ELECTROCUTICA (Treow,Tranquilla/Shizuka Kitajima)
Special thanks: _heki, Mes.(Translation)
[Last updated: November 19th, 2012 by Treow]