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2011年より、ELECTROCUTICA専用の音楽出版社・事務所を兼ねたプライベートレーベル「REVERSUS Inc.(リヴェルサス株式会社)」を設立、法人様からの楽曲使用やご依頼なども承っております。衝撃的な音楽・広告のアイディアを御所望の際はお申し付けください。



Shizuka kitajima/Tranquilla(ExectiveProducer,Creative&Art Director,Designer)

ELECTROCUTICA(iléktrəkjú:tikə) is a creative music company based in Tokyo which is managed by artists.
With Treow (Composer) and Shizuka Kitajima (ArtDirector, Designer) as main creators,we invite various talented artists to work on different projects and manage everything from composition to recording, production, promotion, sales online and at conventions to reach their listeners.

We work together for daily creativity by supporting artists, prioritising activities that do not conform to traditional music industry conventions, instead catering to the new generation’s understanding of supply and demand to reward both musicians and listeners whilst protecting their copyrights.

Gain a unique insight into fresh culture currently evolving in Japan through our work. We hope everyone around the world can enjoy!

In a part of ELECTROCUTICA’s work,we have produced our music by utilizing the vocal sound source of Yamaha Corporation’s singing synthesizer application,”VOCALOID2″.This application enables to synthesize singing and chorus by typing the melody and lyrics on the computer.

We have utilized “Miku Hatsune” a singing synthesizer system that featured the “VOCALOID” technology. She is also a female character who is a “Virtual pop star.”
Since “Miku Hatsune” was released by Crypton Future Media,Inc.in 2007,she has been gaining a great popularity due to its unique concept,adorable image,and the amazing singing synthesis technology.

Her name,”初音ミク(Hatsune-Miku)”,comes from the Japanese word combination as in 初=first, 音=sound, and ミク=未来=future which represent a meaning of “a sound of future that nobody has ever encountered.”

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